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May 252011

This is what you get for setting your kids on a couch: total fun mayhem! Definitely one of my favorite photos of 2010! Thanks for Tine for organizing the party and all the parents for allowing me to showcase this photo..

Couching kids!

Photo is one of a series of 5 shots taken with my Canon 1DmkIII and my 70-200 f2.8. To counter the bright light in the back I had set the camera at 1 stop overexposure while keeping at an Av setting of f5.6. With an ISO of 400 this led to a shuttertime of 1/400. Converted to B&W in Photoshop with the black deepened a little bit with the levels tool.

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Weekly Random Shot: Baby Boy Luc

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Dec 072010

Baby Boy Luc
Our little baby boy Luc, at six months. A very happy smiling little fellow who’s looking great in Blue!

Shot with my 50mm (the cheap-ass one from Canon f1.8) at f2 and an exposure bias of 1 full stop in order to keep the dark bits as they should be. I took the quick, lazy option of shooting Av because I didn’t want to risk losing the moment. After setting things up quickly it was just a matter of focussing properly (not always easy with this lens: it is rather poorly built, but so is the 5 times more expensive f1.4), getting the right frame and start clicking away!

Afterwards it turned out there was no need for hurry, Luc loves smiling and took plenty of time to pose for the camera. Out of 30 shots this one came out nicest.

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May 242010

Luc Steven Geerling, May 23rd 2010…

Mum and Luc

Balancing our new family life...

Feb 042010


As a proud dad of a gloriously happy little girl I end up taking zillions and zillions of photo’s. Just recently the whole family moved over to Curaçao for a decent relaxation and a tiny bit of underwaterwork. I decided to post images from our girl more recent on my Flickr account and a few favorite ones on the website. Please enjoy, I hope she makes you smile!

I'm gonna whoop your ...!

Posing as Laura Croft!

Fashion girlie

Making friends

May 162008

Artist Cornelis le Mair is one of the most incredible people I have ever met and he lives in the craziest and nicest house in the Netherlands. A house that would easily fit into the Efteling as a top-attraction.

Some time ago I was asked to do a portrait series on this artist for Tulp magazine, a glossy that I do quite a bit of work for, mostly travel though.
Place to go was an almost unlocatable farm on the outskirts of Eindhoven. My TomTom was giving me a headache (perhaps the other way around as well), maybe since the most beautiful places are hard to find.
While being stuck near a sprakling white new villa with two vicous dogs eying me it dawned me that this probably wasn’t a place where I would find a classical painter. Time to send out a call for help and guess what? I had just passed the farm about three times already. it was 200 meters down the road, paradise isn’t easily found.

In my rearview mirror was a tall slim man with an incredible white beard waving me to come over. Moments later my car was parked between chickens, goats and plenty of other small feathered animals. A beautiful old farmhouse with wooden walkthroughs that went into the trees just had to be the house of a genious. This was the home of the man who painted fullsized Rembrandts on his bedroom walls when he was a little kid.

Cornelis just breathes Art, capital A. Even in the sixties, when classical painting was frowned upon, he managed to get himself into the best art school available in Holland. He was simply too good, even in an age where modern art was considered to be everything.

Going against the stream of modern art has never failed him, never did he have to put in an efoort to sell a painting, everything he makes is sold before the paint’s even dry. Just doing what he feels like takes him into creating fantasy model houses that are so big and detailed you just can’t stop wondering how much time went into them (about three years it turned out to be).

No matter if you like classical paintings or not, you just got to love the man and his home. In no photo any object was replaced for the shot, it’s just how it is and that was just a dream to photograph. The house is the house as it is.

By the way, neither were any of the photo’s retouched, this is just how they came out of the camera.